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Best Home Equity Loan Rates In Singapore

1st Year Rate


Lock In

1 Year

  • Year 1: 3 Month Sibor + 0.65%
  • Year 2: 3 Month Sibor + 0.65%
  • Year 3: 3 Month Sibor + 0.95%
  • Thereafter: 3 Month Sibor + 0.95%
1st Year Rate


Lock In

2 Years

  • Year 1: Fixed At 1.30%
  • Year 2: Fixed At 1.30%
  • Thereafter: CHR - 2.25%
1st Year Rate


Lock In

2 Years

  • Year 1: 2.10% (BOARD - 1.6%)
  • Year 2: 2.10% (BOARD - 1.6%)
  • Year 3: 2.10% (BOARD - 1.27%)
  • Thereafter: 3.33% (BOARD - 0.37%)

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Refinancing your home loan is important for good financial management. By refinancing, you can:
- Convert a part of your equity to cash.
- Consolidate your debts, by using any cash difference from your loan balance to pay off other debts.
- Change your loan type from floating to fixed rate (for stability).
- Switch to a shorter term loan and pay off your mortgage sooner (if it applies for your current income).
- Decouple so that one of you can buy another property without incurring additional buyer stamp duty.
- Save money with lower loan interest rates.
If you do not have any clawbacks, and are not in the lock-in period from your current bank, the cost incurred for home loan refinancing should range from $2,500 to $4,000 (depending on type of property). This cost includes legal conveyancing, valuation report fees, and mortgage stamp duty. Do check for other specific costs with your loaning bank. Please contact us should you require our advice and help.
The three factors that banks may look into are your credit rating and history, collateral, and capacity to repay a loan.

Credit rating and history consists of mortgage payment, instalment debt payment, and credit card/use history. A ‘safe’ borrower would be one who pays debts regularly and timely.

The value of your home, which would be used as collateral, is a crucial factor in determining how much the bank is willing to lend you.

Factors that may affect your capacity to repay a loan include your monthly income, household expenses, debt, and other fund sources (bank accounts, bonds, mutual funds, stocks etc.)
The typical documents required by banks are: - NRIC/Passport (Singaporeans) or Employment Pass (Foreigners)
- Notice of Assessment
- CPF Contribution History
- Payslips (or any other proof of current salary)
- Option to Purchase, or the Sale and Purchase Agreement
- Any other documents that the bank may request

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